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Our entire process, from due diligence to closing, provides our clients with
numerous advantages and benefits, including the following:

Extremely Effective Communication

Working with Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation provides a borrower with a single and credible voice in the capital markets. All information about a property and a borrower's financing objectives are controlled and distributed in a fair and consistent manner. This allows us to organize and compare sourced loan quotes assuring the best competition, pricing, terms and execution. Additionally, in these capital-constrained markets, it is important to have a resource that explores all potential lenders in a wide and thorough marketing campaign.

Time Management

Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation has the experience and depth to manage the entire process from underwriting to closing. By engaging MMCC, a borrower can focus on their best alternatives rather than having to manage the mortgage banking process. An in-house closer and analyst are also involved to keep the process running smoothly.


We create a customized, professional and comprehensive marketing package which outlines all aspects of the borrower's financing request and collateral. The thoroughness of our underwriting and marketing with each lender optimizes every transaction for borrowers, and our lending relationships allow us to find the best financing terms possible in the marketplace.

The Best Deal Terms

Lenders know and respect Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation. We are constantly in the market with sensible deals and committed borrowers. Our constant activity in the real estate capital markets repeatedly translates into exceptional transaction terms for our clients.

By engaging MMCC, our clients not only bring the weight of their transaction and their background to the table, but they also allow us to leverage the market to achieve the best possible outcome.

Prioritize and Problem Solve

Given our volume and activity in the market, Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation has developed strong relationships with many third-party-report vendors. Our clients' interests are continually placed front and center with third parties.

Our closing specialist organizes the various players involved in a loan closing and resolves issues during the closing process. This allows the borrower to focus on their business while we handle the entire underwriting and closing process.

Certainty of Execution

Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation provides our clients with numerous advantages and benefits that have already been listed, but one of the most valuable is the certainty of execution.

By controlling the underwriting, due diligence, and closing of the financing for our clients, it is our job to know everything about the status of the financing. We produce real quotes from real capital sources.

Once identified, we work with select lenders on behalf of our client. Because we are intimately and constantly involved in the capital markets, we have the advantage of being able to recognize potential issues early, and we negotiate these on behalf of our client.

Assured and Timely Close

As the loan enters the closing process, we organize the closing for our clients and serve as the liaison between legal counsel, the borrower, and the lender's underwriting/closing departments. We do everything possible to lay out all of the potential issues that may arise, so when it comes time to close the loan there are no surprise issues and the loan closes smoothly and on time.